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day 1, san francisco

July 7, 2010

The thing is, they didn’t have it bad. In fact their lives were quite nice and filled with nice stuff and nice people and nice places but they had just read a couple of books by Kerouac and listened to a few too may Tammy Wynette records and decided that they needed to invigorate their lives with a little more madness. Inspired. They often sat on a bench with ripe unrequited love and burning predilection for a life less ordinary. They sipped their dark and gritty coffee. This time they decided to take it to the open road to search for their own country song. Armed with angsty love songs sung by angsty women, the two declared the road thy bitch. Smiles were few and far between. The reason was never quite defined, however, they assumed that their slighted sisters before them would want it that way…silent strength or maybe just pictography defined. So they went…two broken down heroes of the western night.

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  1. Rahul permalink
    July 12, 2010 3:45 am

    Good job ladies! Excited to see more of your oregon road trip. I hear Sacajuwea the indian has been spotted in the east coast around new york. Just dont kill their brethren with kitchen knives and steal their LPs

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