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day 10, westward expansion

August 4, 2010

bound by their declaration of independence, they trudged through wild america with life, love and a  pursuit of happiness.  they could see their freedom from across the way.

she would call her lois. and her would she call carla. two explorers launched two thousand miles into immortality.

required reading: the journals of the lewis and clark expedition, meriwether lewis and william clark

required listening: brand new day, van morrison


day 9, onward and upward

August 4, 2010

they rambled restlessly until they found a home on the range. a single small cottage, a nest like a dove’s, the one and only dwelling on earth that they knew they could love. but the stay was fleeting ’cause their hearts were still beating.

they inhaled the rain. exhaled all their pain. and headed up the terrain. edifice was artifice, they boldly did proclaim.

required listening: ramble on, led zeppelin

required reading: the reverie of poor susan, william woodsworth

day 8, middle of nowhere

July 21, 2010
the jaded beauty queens awakened to a scenic pageant so transcendent that it could even make roman polanski miss america. they could fancy a love for life here almost possible. and it beckoned them to leave behind their weathering, withering, wurthering heights.
required reading: wuthering heights, emily bronte
required listening: wuthering heights, kate bush

day 8, saloon

July 9, 2010
the western wanderers wandered west until they reached quarters to call home for the afternoon. their tired soles sought relief amongst tired souls, but this was wild uncharted territory. they drew their weapons. what they could not cut with their wit, they would cut with their kitchen knife. some said they were mad. the dull ones said that.
and she looked at her. and her said to she, they gonna call us renegades cause we like living crazy.
required listening: knocked up, kings of leon
required reading: the most beautiful woman in town, charles bukowski

day 7, casino

July 9, 2010

they tramped through the aisles of gamblers’ sorrow. there was so much unhappiness in the joint, they brooded, bowing their head dismally beneath the tragic thought, and there was nothing they could do about anybody’s.

they were consolation in the hard crowd.

required reading: catch 22, joseph heller

required listening: white room, cream

day 6, nevada to idaho

July 7, 2010

they strolled along the road serenely, with their eyes, their boots, their rage, forgetting everything. it was the wind and the sun and the fire that would carry on these wayward daughters from now on.
twenty six years measured in yellow dotted lines had passed them by and they had never lived a more honest day in their life.
required reading: walking around, pablo neruda
required listening: the open road is closing in, magnetic fields
carry on my wayward son, kansas

day 5, thunderbird motel

July 7, 2010
seeking shelter from the urbane shelter seekers of their mundane beginnings, they birthed a new future. they were color and beauty and strangeness.

they spoke. society, you are a crazy breed. i hope you are not lonely without me.

required reading: diary of anais nin, anais nin

required listening: society, eddie vedder